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An EASA FSTD qualification certificate has an unlimited duration (ARA.FSTD.100). It remains valid as long as its "Status" is ACTIVE in the list below. See footnote for additional information.
 EASA CodeOperatorQual. LevelManufacturerTypeCountryCityEnd Org. Oversight
Planning Cycle (OPC)
End FSTD Recurrent
12-month Period
EU-SE136/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level CBombardierLearjet 55USAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA492ACAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DEmbraerEMB-500 (Phenom 100)USAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-SE132/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DBombardierLearjet 31AUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA482A/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DHawkerHawker 800XPUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA482B/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DHawkerHawker 800AUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-NO107/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DGulfstreamGulfstream VUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-NO104/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DGulfstreamGulfstream IV-SPUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-NO105/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DBeechcraftBeech King Air 350USAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-SE129A/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level CTextron AviationCessna Citation IIIUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA483B/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DTextron AviationCessna C560 UltraUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA518/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DTextron AviationCessna C560XLUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-SE134/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level CTextron AviationCessna Citation II USAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-A0090CAE Simulation Training Pvt. Ltd.FFS Level DAirbusA320-200IndiaGreater Noida31-08-2023 DEACTIVATED
EU-A0114CAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DGulfstreamGulfstream GVI (G650)UAEDubai31-12-202331-07-2024ACTIVE
EU-A0107CAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DBombardierCL650CanadaSaint-Laurent31-12-202331-12-2023ACTIVE
EU-DK1185BCAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DAirbusA320-200ItalyLonate Pozzolo31-12-202330-09-2023ACTIVE
EU-UKCA523CAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DEmbraerEMB-505 (Phenom 300)USAFort Worth31-12-202330-09-2023ACTIVE
EU-DK1187ACAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DAirbusA320-NEOItalyLonate Pozzolo31-12-202331-08-2024ACTIVE
EU-A0305CAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DAirbusA320-NEOSpainMadrid31-12-202330-09-2024ACTIVE
EU-A0092CAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DBeechcraftBeech King Air 350USAFort Worth31-12-202331-12-2023ACTIVE
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