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An EASA FSTD qualification certificate has an unlimited duration (ARA.FSTD.100). It remains valid as long as its "Status" is ACTIVE in the list below. See footnote for additional information.
 EASA CodeOperatorQual. LevelManufacturerTypeCountryCityEnd Org. Oversight
Planning Cycle (OPC)
End FSTD Recurrent
12-month Period
EU-C0004Turkish Aeronautical AssociationFNPT Level IIGeneric AircraftMulti-Engine Piston (MEP) AeroplaneTurkeyIzmir SURRENDERED
EU-C0003Turkish Aeronautical AssociationFNPT Level II and MCCGeneric AircraftMulti-Engine Turboprop (MET) AeroplaneTurkeyAnkara SURRENDERED
EU-C0006Turkish Aeronautical AssociationFNPT Level II and MCCGeneric AircraftMulti-Engine Turboprop (MET) AeroplaneTurkeyIzmir SURRENDERED
EU-C0002Turkish Aeronautical AssociationFNPT Level IIGeneric AircraftSingle-Engine Piston (SEP) AeroplaneTurkeyAnkara SURRENDERED
EU-C0005Turkish Aeronautical AssociationFNPT Level IIGeneric AircraftSingle-Engine Piston (SEP) AeroplaneTurkeyIzmir SURRENDERED
EU-UKTK929Turk Hava Yollari A.O.FTD Level 1AirbusA320-200TurkeyIstanbul SURRENDERED
EU-UKEK239CEmiratesFFS Level DAirbusA340-300UAEDubai30-04-2023 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKTK942ATurk Hava Yollari A.O.FTD Level 1AirbusA330-200TurkeyIstanbul SURRENDERED
EU-UKFS394FlightSafety International, Inc.FFS Level DDe HavillandDHC8-400UKExeter31-12-2022 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKTK942BTurk Hava Yollari A.O.FTD Level 1AirbusA340-300TurkeyIstanbul SURRENDERED
EU-UKFS586AFlightSafety International, Inc.FFS Level DEmbraerERJ170-100UKExeter SURRENDERED
EU-SE129A/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level CCessnaCessna Citation IIIUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA483A/CUCAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DCessnaCessna C550 BravoUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA423BCAE North East Training CentreFFS Level DDassaultFalcon 2000EX EASyIUSAWhippany SURRENDERED
EU-FR3XXTurk Hava Yollari A.O.FNPT Level II and MCCGeneric AircraftMulti-Engine TurboFan (METF) AeroplaneTurkeyIstanbul SURRENDERED
EU-UKEC371CAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DAirbusA320-200UAEDubai - SO31-12-2023 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKEY919AEtihad Aviation Training LLCFTD Level 1AirbusA320-200UAEAbu Dhabi31-05-2022 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKEY452Etihad Aviation Training LLCFFS Level DAirbusA320-200UAEAbu Dhabi SURRENDERED
EU-UKEY919BEtihad Aviation Training LLCFTD Level 1AirbusA330-200UAEAbu Dhabi31-05-2022 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKEY409AEtihad Aviation Training LLCFFS Level DAirbusA330-200UAEAbu Dhabi SURRENDERED
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