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An EASA FSTD qualification certificate has an unlimited duration (ARA.FSTD.100). It remains valid as long as its "Status" is ACTIVE in the list below. See footnote for additional information.
 EASA CodeOperatorQual. LevelManufacturerTypeCountryCityEnd Org. Oversight
Planning Cycle (OPC)
End FSTD Recurrent
12-month Period
EU-UKCA487CAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DBombardierCL300 (BD-100-1A10)USAWhippany SURRENDERED
EU-DK119/CUFlightSafety International, Inc.FFS Level CBell TextronBell 430USAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA578M/s. HATSOFF Helicopter Training Private LimitedFFS Level DAirbus HelicoptersAS365-N3IndiaBangalore SURRENDERED
EU-NO106/CUCAE North East Training CentreFFS Level DTextron AviationCessna CJ (525)USAWhippany SURRENDERED
EU-UKGF209BGulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FFS Level DAirbusA330-200BahrainMuharraq31-08-2024 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKCA423BCAE North East Training CentreFFS Level DDassaultFalcon 2000EX EASyIUSAWhippany SURRENDERED
EU-ATFNPT1050ER-AH Havacılık Tic. Ltd. Şti.FNPT Level IIGeneric AircraftMulti-Engine Piston (MEP) AeroplaneTürkiyeAntalya SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA458CAE North East Training CentreFFS Level DDassaultFalcon 7X EASyIUSAWhippany SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA423ACAE North East Training CentreFFS Level DDassaultFalcon 900EX EASyIUSAWhippany SURRENDERED
EU-ATFNPT1079AYJET Anatolian Stars FTOFNPT Level IIGeneric AircraftSingle-Engine Piston (SEP) AeroplaneTürkiyeIstanbul SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA526M/s. HATSOFF Helicopter Training Private LimitedFFS Level DBell TextronBell 412 EPIndiaBangalore SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA435ACAE North East Training CentreFFS Level DGulfstreamGulfstream V-SP (G550)USAWhippany SURRENDERED
EU-NO105/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DBeechcraftBeech King Air 350USAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKAS931Boeing Singapore Training & Flight Services Pte LtdFTD Level 2Boeing787-8SingaporeSingapore SURRENDERED
EU-UKBD562CAE STS Ltd.FFS Level DBombardierCL605 (CL600-2B16)USAFort Worth31-12-2025 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKBD357CAE Inc.FFS Level DBombardierCL604 (CL600-2B16)USAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKBD356CAE Inc.FFS Level DBombardierCL300 (BD-100-1A10)USAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-UKFB932Boeing US Training and Flight Services LLCFTD Level 2Boeing787-8USAVirginia Gardens SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA483B/CUCAE SimuFlite, Inc.FFS Level DTextron AviationCessna C560 UltraUSAFort Worth SURRENDERED
EU-AT3A1085Institute Of Air Transport Ltd., Sofia Flight TrainingFNPT Level IIGeneric AircraftMulti-Engine Piston (MEP) AeroplaneBulgariaSofia29-02-2024 DEACTIVATED
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