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An EASA FSTD qualification certificate has an unlimited duration (ARA.FSTD.100). It remains valid as long as its "Status" is ACTIVE in the list below. See footnote for additional information.
 EASA CodeOperatorQual. LevelManufacturerTypeCountryCityEnd Org. Oversight
Planning Cycle (OPC)
End FSTD Recurrent
12-month Period
EU-NL206JATC, Jakarta Aviation Training CenterFFS Level DBoeing737-800WIndonesiaTangerang REVOKED
EU-A0012QantasFFS Level DAirbusA330-200AustraliaMascot SURRENDERED
EU-FR9115Air New Zealand Ltd.FFS Level DAirbusA320-200New ZealandAuckland SURRENDERED
EU-FR114Jordan Airline Training and SimulationFFS Level DEmbraerERJ170-100JordanAmman SURRENDERED
EU-UKCA526M/s. HATSOFF Helicopter Training Private LimitedFFS Level DBell TextronBell 412 EPIndiaBangalore SURRENDERED
EU-FR112Jordan Airline Training and SimulationFFS Level DGAirbusA320-200JordanAmman SURRENDERED
EU-C0010Panonija Šola Za Pilote, letalske storitve, d.o.o.FNPT Level IIGeneric AircraftMulti-Engine Piston (MEP) AeroplaneCroatiaOsijek SURRENDERED
EU-UKGF912AGulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FTD Level 1AirbusA320-200BahrainMuharraq SURRENDERED
EU-UKCTC118L3 CTS Airline and Academy Training LimitedFNPT Level IIGeneric AircraftMulti-Engine Piston (MEP) AeroplaneNew ZealandHamilton31-12-2022 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKQA464Qatar AirwaysFFS Level DAirbusA320-200QatarDoha SURRENDERED
EU-UKGF209BGulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FFS Level DAirbusA330-200BahrainMuharraq30-09-2022 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKGF912BGulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FTD Level 1AirbusA330-200BahrainMuharraq SURRENDERED
EU-UKGF928CGulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FTD Level 1AirbusA340-300BahrainMuharraq SURRENDERED
EU-UKGF209AGulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FFS Level DAirbusA340-300BahrainMuharraq30-09-2022 DEACTIVATED
EU-UKGF912CGulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FTD Level 1AirbusA340-300BahrainMuharraq SURRENDERED
EU-UKGF515AGulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FFS Level DEmbraerERJ170-100BahrainMuharraq SURRENDERED
EU-B0002Gulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FTD Level 1EmbraerERJ170-100BahrainMuharraq SURRENDERED
EU-UKGF515BGulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FFS Level DEmbraerERJ190-100BahrainMuharraq SURRENDERED
EU-B0003Gulf Aviation Academy B.S.C.FTD Level 1EmbraerERJ190-100BahrainMuharraq SURRENDERED
EU-AT3A1085Institute Of Air Transport Ltd., Sofia Flight TrainingFNPT Level IIGeneric AircraftMulti-Engine Piston (MEP) AeroplaneBulgariaSofia30-11-2023 DEACTIVATED
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